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Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles are eligible for the program?

Check out our eligibility requirements here.

Where am I covered? Where can I take my vehicle?

Taking your vehicle to a series of shows in New England? Taking a club tour through the Rockies? No problem at all. Your vehicle is covered in the continental United States, its territories and possessions, and Canada. Special arrangements can even be made to protect your vehicle overseas.

What’s an “Attendance Clause” and does J.C. Taylor have one in its policies?

First and foremost, J.C. Taylor does not have an attendance clause. An “attendance clause” requires that you remain with your collectible vehicle whenever it’s out and being used. So whether you’re at a car show, cruise-in, town parade, or summer picnic, an attendance clause would require you to remain close to your vehicle at all times. J.C. Taylor finds this unreasonable and impractical. Consequently, we do not have an attendance clause in our policies, and never have.

How can I use my vehicle?

The vehicle should be used primarily for hobby purposes, such as club activities, parades, or other functions of public interest. We understand your vehicle needs to be driven, so taking the car for a drive to “give it some exercise” or simply to enjoy it on a nice day, is perfectly acceptable and considered part of the hobby. However, the vehicle should not be used for errands or commuting.

What does “Agreed Value” mean, and does J.C. Taylor include this coverage?

Prior to issuing your policy, we will come to an agreement with you on the value of your vehicle, based on the market and condition of the vehicle in question. In the event there’s a covered total loss to your vehicle, the “Agreed Value” is the amount you would receive.

What happens if I have a loss to my collectible vehicle?

Just contact J.C. Taylor Claims 800-345-8290 or Help Point Claims at 800-527-3907. Our customers have been consistently impressed with the overall speed, knowledge, fairness, and superior quality of our claims service. When you have a claim is when the insurance really matters, and excellence in customer service is our number one goal. We’ll work with you to make sure that your claim is settled promptly and fairly.

Does J.C. Taylor have a mileage limitation on the policy?

J.C. Taylor allows unlimited mileage for hobby purposes.

Can I occasionally race my collectible vehicle?

Unfortunately not. Racing and other timed events are specifically excluded under the policy.

Does J.C. Taylor require a deductible on Physical Damage coverage?

Though a few exceptions exist, in most states, there is no ($0) deductible for physical damage coverage. However, a $250 deductible on physical damage coverage applies under our Modified program.

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